Top 5 Patriotic Stadium Rock Songs

Wow. If you ever want to start an argument these days, have someone define “patriotic.” However, if you get a bunch of sports fans together and ask about some cool and patriotic stadium rock songs, you definitely get a fun conversation. Either way, every Top 5 has personal biases. Here is mine!

# 5 American blues – The Grateful Dead – This one definitely isn’t in a lot of people’s Top 5 Patriotic Stadium Rock Songs, but it’s on mine. I heard it several times in stadiums around July 4th, but the first time I heard it was during a game at AT&T Park, now Oracle Park, in San Francisco during a game. of the Giants. I’d guess the Giants play more San Francisco-based rock bands like the Grateful Dead than most places.

# 4 We are an American group – Grand Funk Railroad – This is a song that has stood the test of time. The song is about a band, probably GFR, who are going to party in your town. It sounds like fun to me and when you’re at a game it’s great. It has a catchy beat and a fun ’70s sound that puts a smile on your face from the first notes.

# 3 Rockin ‘in the free world – Neil Young – This 1989 classic was written by Neil Young apparently after finding out that a tour with his band Restless that was scheduled to be in the Soviet Union in 1989 had been canceled. Even the cover of Pearl Jam is played in the stadiums.

# 2 Pink houses – John Mellancamp – Funny name for a patriotic song, but John “Cougar” Mellancamp wrote a stadium classic with this 1983 hit. “But ain’t that America for you and me … but this America doesn’t isn’t it the home of freedom… ”sums it up pretty well. Awesome song and fun to hear at any game or especially around July 4th.

# 1 Born in the United States – Bruce Springsteen – Hmm, he’s the boss. He’s from Jersey. The music gets you out of your seat in a second and the lyrics nicely, the last line of the final chorus, “I’m a cool rockin ‘daddy in America now.” Enough said. That’s why it’s number one!

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