Sylvan Esso surprises!!! keep it weird, and more

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Like an unexpected text from a favorite distant friend who just came to town, this single from inventive electro-pop favorites Sylvan Esso sent joy ripples through KCRW Music when it dropped by surprise this week. Crank up the playback for a perfectly concise and cathartic pop song, with vivid lyrical imagery bouncing to a playful dance beat.

Alleluia! This delightfully jazzy and soulful track by New Orleans band (and Tiny Desk contest winner) Tank And The Bangas can bring you that Sunday treat anytime. With feel-good beats, smiling harmonies, and hisses and pops—plus a message of self-acceptance and growth—this one has us saying amen.

Who needs words when you have the best punctuation? !!! (pronounced “chk chk chk”) have been satisfying our indie-electro-dance-funk cravings for years, and this oddly invigorating single from their recently released ninth album shows no signs of slowing down. Click-chk-chk for heavy beats, weird vocals, and frontman Nic Offer’s signature shorts.

Stagnation equals death, so queue your transfiguration. Perpetual motion is easy with this irresistible jam from the Meridian Brothers of Colombia, who enlisted the artistry of legendary salsa players El Grupo Renacimiento for this stone cold stunner that warns us puny humans of a future ruled by robots (but make the salsa out of it).

David and Omar – “Starlight (Dave Lee’s Club Edition)”

The last spark of a track from this week is brought to you by KCRW Musical Collaboration at work: our assistant music producer, Marion Hodges, sparked a revival of Z Records by presenting this recent release to our DJs, for mutual enjoyment. KCRW DJ Scott Dallavo has alerted us to a new album curated by Dave Lee, due out later this spring, and says of Omar…the guy is “a weird acid jazz legend.” Have been sold!

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