Spilled Milk premieres new songs at Lucky You Lounge

Spilled Milk goes from being a local band to hitting the road for festivals and more. The Mead-based band, which will make its headlining debut at Lucky You Lounge on Friday, will preview tracks from their upcoming album, which will be released in 2022.

Expect an amalgamation of blues-rock and folk. “We have an album coming out with eight songs that we’re really passionate about,” guitarist Landon Spencer said. “It’s been tough with everything we’ve been through with the pandemic, but we’re ready to take the next step. “

The band’s latest single, “Supernova”, is a catchy and refined track. It all started for Spilled Milk four years ago when Spencer was a student at Mead High School. “I took a year of guitar lessons when I was in fifth grade, but I really learned to play guitar while I was in the high school jazz band,” Spencer said.

“I started to put things together.” Classic rock inspired Spencer, who is a junior Whitworth with a major in history and social studies. “Tom Petty has been my favorite for a long time,” Spencer said. “I love his album ‘Wildflowers’. “

Spencer also likes American alternative artists such as Dawes and Jason Isbell. “When it comes to guitarists, Isbell is so underrated,” Spencer said. “I love what he does, and so do Mike Campbell and Eric Clapton.”

Spencer is only part of the sonic attack. Every member of Spilled Milk, which also includes Spencer’s sister, vocalist Cailin Spencer, bassist Samuel McQuarrie, drummer James Ott and keyboardist Ian McTamaney, contribute. Expect Spilled Milk to also perform a number of cuts from his debut EP, “See You Around” at Lucky You.

“We can’t wait to play in big venues like Lucky You,” Spencer said. “We’re just trying to take advantage of that and take the next step. “

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