Listen to two new Eric Johnson songs

Eric Johnson has released two new songs, one each from a pair of albums he will release on July 29.

The instrumental piece “Soundtrack Life” is taken from The book of creationwhile “Yesterday Meets Today” is the title track from the other LP.

Both songs can be heard below.

Johnson said he spent his lockdown “holiday” exploring his archive of partially written material, which resulted in the completion of pieces that span 25 years of his creative history. Noting that “Soundtrack Life” has been around since 2017, he explained that “it sounds like classic me, I think what people might expect from me. … Although some of the other stuff is a bit off the beaten path, it It’s always been in my heart and in my repertoire since I was a kid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people associate it with me.

The recordings he found, he noted, were a mixture of professional productions, “scratch tapes” and “cassette rehearsal recordings”. The experience of working them into 18 full songs got him thinking. “As the road of life over the past two years has been unpredictable for all of us, I truly believe this leads to a brighter road of possibility,” he said. He expressed the hope that “the thoughts, aspirations and revelations I had while making this project will help make my future music as emotionally positive and uplifting as possible”.

You can see the track listings for both albums below.

The book of creation and Yesterday meets today are both available for pre-order in a variety of formats and lots. Johnson also announced a extensive US tour from February 11 to October 12, 2023.

Listen to Eric Johnson’s “Soundtrack Life”

Listen to Eric Johnson’s “Yesterday Meets Today”

Eric Johnson, “The Book of Making” Tracklist
1. “The Life of the Soundtrack”
2. “Floating Through This World”
3. “Love will never say goodbye”
4. “Bigger Than My Life”
5. “Just to be with you”
6. “Be alive”
7. “Another Like You”
8. “My faith in you”
9. “A Thousand Miles”

Eric Johnson, “Yesterday Meets Today” Track Listing
1. “Move on”
2. “Yesterday meets today”
3. “It’s just the rain”
4. “Maha”
5. “Hold on to love”
6. “Sitting on top of the world”
7. “Dorsey takes the day off”
8. “JVZ”
9. “Until We Meet Again”

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