Lady Gaga Tour 2022: Songs Other Than ‘Chromatica’ We Love Seeing Her Perform This Year


Lady Gaga is ready to have fans dancing and singing along to the songs from her highly anticipated “Chromatica Ball Tour,” and it’s set to be one of the hottest shows this summer!

The singer is near the end of her Jazz & Piano Residence at Dolby Live at Park MGM, Las Vegas, Nevada, and it looks like she’s going to put her dancing shoes back on to start rehearsing again for her tour.

His shows are expected to feature alien alien visuals, as Chromatica is considered another planet based on his vision.

Since the tour will heavily revolve around her sixth album, many fans are still hoping that Gaga will include songs from her previous eras.

From Venus to Just Dance, here are the non-Chromatica songs fans want Mother Monster to perform on her upcoming tour.

Venus – ARTPOP

by Lady Gaga”Venusis from her fourth studio album, “ARTPOP,” and fans have loved it over the years because of its slamming beat, and it’s the perfect song to dance to for her upcoming tour.

Produced by Lady Gaga herself, the track was the last song recorded for the album, as revealed by her sound engineer, Dave Russell.

The song was inspired by a work by Sandro Botticelli called “The Birth of Venus”, which can also be seen on his album cover.

The last time Gaga performed the song for a show was while filming at Coachella in 2017.

Scheiße – Born this way

Scheisseis one of Gaga’s favorite Little Monsters songs, as the track revolves heavily around the concept of female empowerment.

Produced by RedOne, the singer previously revealed that the track is basically about wanting to be bad without permission.

In a previous interview, the singer noted, “this song is really about wanting to be a strong woman without all the assholes that come with it.”

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Dancing in circles – Joanne

Produced by Gaga, Mark Ronson and BloodPop,”Dancing in circlesis a slow-paced song, but fans still love dancing to the music whenever the singer performs it on her shows.

The track was creatively produced during a jam session with Beck Hansen and Ronson.

Just Dance – Fame

Every time Gaga goes on tour for a new era, she never forgets to perform”just dance“, because it was the track that launched her into stardom.

Dropped in 2009, the song was her debut single, and it sold millions of copies online upon its release and topped the Billboard Charts.

Bad Romance – The Fame Monster

Last on this list is Lady Gaga’s ultimate banger from 2009,”Bad Romance.” The song is considered one of the most iconic singles the singer has ever released.

Like Just Dance, Mother Monster never forgets to perform this track in almost all of her shows, as it had a significant impact on her career.

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