Lady Gaga reminds us that one of her most iconic songs is a bisexual hymn

Lady Gaga continues to be iconic.

While performing at her Jazz & Piano residency in Las Vegas, the Oscar-winning pop star and actress reminded her fans that she is not just an ally, but that she is too a queer icon itself. And RoseNews reports she evoked a classic story from the start of her career to show exactly what she means.

“I remember the guy I was dating …” Gaga recalls at the concert as she played part of “Poker face” – his 2008 Billboard Hot 100 bop, which went on to become one of the best-selling pop singles of all time – on the piano. “I did an interview with Ellen about this song and I said ‘yeah I was thinking about women’ and he called me and he said ‘you know I had to explain this to my mom? ‘”

Then Gaga turned to the audience with a smile, “‘What are some people who are gay?'”

Gaga first explained that the song was about a lover on Friday night with Jonathan Ross on BBC One, where Ross first asked a transphobic question about rumors that Gaga had a penis. She expertly played it, telling him what the phrase “bluff with my muffin” really means.

“The song ‘Poker Face’ is about ‘poker face’ with your sexuality. When I was having sex with my ex-boyfriend, I sometimes thought of women,” Gaga revealed. “I actually never told him but I’m sure he’s watching now.”

After taking time off due to the global pandemic, Lady Gaga returned to her Las Vegas residence this October for two weeks at Park MGM. It is not yet known whether or not she will extend this residency or start her pop residency. Enigma soon.

Gaga is also in a fight with Kristen Stewart over who is the favorite for the Oscar for Best Actress this awards season. Both actresses take on the roles of real people, with Stewart playing Princess Diana in the film. Spencer and Gaga playing Patrizia Reggiani in Gucci House, who, along with her husband Maurizio Gucci, were part of Italy’s most famous couple, until she ordered his assassination.

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