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So many artists, so little time. Every week we review a handful of new albums (from all genres), round up even more new music we’d call “indie” and talk about what metal comes out. We post music news, track premieres and more all day. We are updating a weekly playlist of some of our current favorite tracks. Here is a daily summary with a bunch of interesting and recently released songs in one place.


Graywave started as a solo project by British musician Jess Webberley, before growing into a full band, and now they’re set to follow their 2021 debut EP. Planetary change with a new EP, Renaissance, June 24 via Church Road. The first single is “Build”, which expands on the shoegazy sound of early Graywave but feels heavier and darker, and feels like a notable step up.


“I did a song with my good friend and amazing artist Lianne La Havas,” Kae Tempest says of this final track from the upcoming album. The line is a curve. “So grateful for her voice in the world and on this record. A portrait of three people who get along. Just gotta keep climbing.” Kae’s new album is out on April 8.


Soul-trap singer/rapper Morray released one of the best rap albums of 2021 with street sermonsand now he’s teamed up with rapper Cordae (who just released his own new album) for his first single of 2022. It sounds like the best of both artists’ worlds.


Philadelphia indie folk band Sadurn have shared “Golden Arm”, the warm and beautiful second single from their upcoming debut album for Run For Cover, Radiator.


Melbourne post-punks Pinch Points released this song in conjunction with International Women’s Day, and it’s a sarcastic takedown on gender-based violence. The group says: “We are frustrated with long-standing issues of gender-based violence against women, transgender and heterogeneous communities, usually at the hands of men. In ancient Rome, a haruspex read omens in the organs of slaughtered animals. the conversation about gender-based violence is equally brutal and repetitive. We see the same warning signs and problems of violence repeating themselves over and over again, and our governments and society are not doing enough to prevent them.


The Troops of Doom, the new proto-death-metal style band from early Sepultura guitarist Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz, have announced their first full album, The Antichrist is reborn, due April 15 via Alma Mater Records/Blood Blast. The title track is out now, and like the band’s first two EPs, this song sounds like a journey into Sepultura’s early sounds and influences.


Italian solo death metal band Cosmic Putrefaction have announced a new album, Twilight funeral song for the blesseddue May 6th via Profound Lore, and here is the horrendous first single.


Helpless shared another single from their upcoming album Caged in gold (from 3/25 via Church Road), and this is another very promising taste. Like previous singles, it’s an elusive collage of metal and hardcore subgenres, and it rocks.


Mysterious Utah-based blackened death metal band Egregore has signed with 20 Buck Spin and will be releasing The Word of His Law on April 15 via the label. Here is the first single.


Finnish death metal band Corpsessed have announced a new album, Succumb to rot, due April 22 via Dark Descent. The first single is the really nasty “Death-Stench Effluvium”.


Bay Area shouto/emoviolence band Brahm (members of No Right, Fentanyl, Outlier, and The Mountain Chimes) have released a new EP on Zegema Beach, and it’s three minutes under two minutes of raw, hard-boiled fury with just a touch of an underlying melodic side.


Florence + The Machine recently returned with ‘King’, their first new single of the year, and now they’ve followed it up with another, the intense and hard-hitting ‘Heaven is Here’. “‘Heaven is Here’ was the first song I wrote in confinement after a long period without being able to go to the studio”, explains Florence. “I wanted to do something monstrous. And that roar of joy, fury and heartbreak was the first thing that came out. With the dance studios also closed, it was my dream to someday create choreography with it. So it was one of the first pieces of music I did specifically with contemporary dance in mind.”


Ambient folk artist Maria BC releases her debut album, Hyaline, in May via Father/Daughter and Fear of Missing Out Records, and the latest single is “Good Before”. “I wrote ‘Good before’ in 2019, before all the other songs by Hyaline — and before one of the songs on Devil’s Rain, by the way,” says Maria. “I put it aside for a while because I thought it was too pop, but eventually I got over it. Now he holds a special place in my heart. Some lyrics came to me on the freeway, when the sun was starting to come up, and I wasn’t sleeping, just dunkin’. It’s unusual for lyrics to come to me ~in the wild~ like this. I like to set aside time to sit somewhere and write. It’s just my style. When inspiration comes to me out of nowhere, I’m immensely grateful.”


Death metal bands Anatomia and Undergang released a to divide in 2017, and now they’re doing another one, due April 15 via Dark Descent/Me Saco Un Ojo Records. One song from each group is out now, and both sound as gross as you’d hope.


Jenny Hval’s new album and first for 4AD, classic objects, due out on Friday, and before that, she shared another preview single, “Freedom.” “I don’t know what freedom is,” says Jenny. “Nor did this song. The lyrics are bombastic and silly, like they were written by a political folk song generator. Nevertheless, the song was needed on my record – I needed something short and sweet after a series of long, layered reflections. I imagine it being sung in a courtroom or in parliament when the debate gets too heated and everyone needs a break. In that imaginary moment, everyone world sings in unison. It’s the only way I can describe freedom – as a sort of performative moment that breaks up the structure, language and ambivalence of the rest of the record. On its own, it feels eerily clear and pure. I can’t really defend it. Or maybe it’s me that I can’t defend. The song is necessary. It just reminds me of the fact that I’m not.”


Sunflower Bean’s third album, A head of sugar, due out in May via Mom + Pop, and the latest single is “Roll the Dice.” “Almost everyone we know has money problems,” the group says. “Traditional paths to success and stability in America have narrowed dramatically. The only way forward is to take big risks and roll the dice.”


METZ shared their 7″ split song with Adulkt Life (ft Chris Rowley of Huggy Bear) last month but now it’s all out. Both Adulkt Life tracks — “Book of Curses” and “Ants & Lions” — – are hot mutant punk burners.


Belfast band Junk Drawer make fiery, jangly indie rock and will release The Dust Has Come To Stay EP this Friday. Get a taste via this bubbly new song. “The idea was to conjure up something else like a ‘sound world’ that would allow the listener to drift away,” explains the band’s Stevie Lennox. “To let a new idea branch out before we focus on widescreen, a Phil Spector ending. There’s a certain almost Irish tinge to the middle 8, where we used field recordings to really emphasize that and create a sound world.”


Spiritualized have shared a new song from their upcoming album, Everything was beautiful, which will be released on April 22 via Fat Possum. (The album was supposed to be released on February 25 but was moved due to pressing factory delays.) “The Mainline Song” is one of the album’s happiest top songs, with Jason Pierce singing “I wanted to know if you wanted to go to town tonight” against an orchestral rush of guitars, strings, winds and choir fuzzed out.


Superorganism have announced their second album, world pop, which will be released on July 15 via Domino. The album features guest appearances from Stephen Malkmus, CHAI, Pi Ja Ma, Dylan Cartlidge and Gen Hoshino. It’s the first single.


Louisville band Wombo have shared a new single which drops today. “Below the House” blends jazzy chords and harmonies with louder, skrokier tracks. “‘Below the House’ is about leaving things buried for the best sometimes when there’s nothing you can gain from trying to make sense of them,” says singer-guitarist Sydney Chadwick. “The song was loosely based on a nightmare-type dream that I had so the video kind of ties into that, since we wanted to create a kind of soundscape that emanates from that.


Long Island hardcore-infused emo band Koyo have just signed with Pure Noise and released their debut single for the label, “Ten Digits Away.” Learn more here.

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