‘Bel-Air’ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and All Songs Featured in ‘Nobody Wins When Family Quarrels’


The dramatic reboot of the 90s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Airabbreviated to Bel-Air, features the same memorable characters with reimagined storylines. Season 1 Episode 8 takes a spin on Will’s grief surrounding his father’s absence, as it will widen the arc and lead to other repercussions, including the possible end of Geoffrey’s relationship with Uncle Phil. . Here are all the songs included in the episode.

Jabari Smith, Coco Jones, Jordan L. Jones, Olly Sholotan, Cassandra Freeman, Simone Joy Jones and April Parker Jones during Season 1 Episode 8 | Adam Rose/Peacock/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Your Grandparents – “Groove”

This song plays when Will’s mother, Viola, arrives in Bel-Air on the private plane.

Paw Paw Cane – “Lemonhaze”

This song plays when Kylo approaches Hilary about the success of her “Thirsty Chef” post.

group therapy – “watercolor”.

This song plays as Will and Lisa hook up in the pool house.

S! MONE – “Ball Out”

This song plays while Aunt Vivian is in her art room, painting a project for the Neeman Fellowship.

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VSDN – “Swag”

This song plays while Vy is cooking breakfast for Will’s birthday.

Tierra Whack – “Waterbody”

The song that plays during Will and Vy’s beach snaps.

pink caravan! – “pink lemonade”

The song that plays when Hilary prepares to film another “Thirsty Chef” video before deciding against it.

Magic City Hippies – “Highway Lights”

The song playing during Will’s party begins when Hilary apologizes to Jazz for attacking him the last time they saw each other.

Will’s mother visited in episode 8 of season 1 of “Bel-Air”

Kylo’s (Jon Beavers) decision to post Hilary’s (Coco Jones) lingerie cooking tutorial paid off as it went viral.

Although he initially convinced her to continue producing the content, she realized it didn’t fit her brand and attempted to back out of the contract. However, Hilary’s choice left her $50,000 in debt to the influencer and hotels because she didn’t want to go back to her parents’ pool.

Meanwhile, Will’s (Jabari Banks) mother and Vivian’s (Cassandra Freeman) sister, Vy (April Parker Jones), have come to visit, ready to tell her son about his father, Lou, against his will. of Banks.

She revealed their story, admitting that he scammed her and left her after Will was born. Additionally, Vy and Vivian’s strained relationship has come to a head, with the Philadelphia native admitting that she felt abandoned by her sister after Viv became an artist.

Geoffrey and Uncle Phil’s relationship will likely continue to deteriorate in “Bel-Air” Season 1 Episode 9

Seeing their mother’s complicated history, Carlton (Olly Sholotan) and Will reconciled, and he agreed to accept his cousin’s new romance with his ex, Lisa (Simone Joy Jones).

On the other hand, Uncle Phil’s (Adrian Holmes) relationship with Geoffrey (Jimmy Akingbola) begins to deteriorate as the manager of the house is unwilling to take Lou away from Will as his boss demands.

As Geoffrey apparently tried to hand in his resignation, Will interrupted him and asked for his help in locating his father.

In episode 9, titled “Can’t Knock the Hustle”, the description reveals that Will might be trying to get to know his father. However, her decision will likely complicate the already strained relationship between Uncle Phil and Geoffrey. Bel-Air airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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