A trio of new Halloween children’s songs

Autumn winds are starting to strengthen and night falls earlier in the late afternoon. That can only mean one thing: children’s music artists are scrambling to release new Halloween songs and videos!

from Portland Kelli Welli (Caldwell) is releasing a new video for his song, “The Hat Song”, from his recent CD, Let’s go, Pistachio! Originally slated for last winter, Kelli decided the costume-themed video was appropriate for a late October premiere, including a guy in a Jack-O-Lantern sweatshirt.

You can buy Let’s go, Pistachio! from Kelli website and Apple Music. Here is the video for “The Hat Song”:

Suzi shelton and Fyütch teamed up for the deliciously dancing ‘Party Monsters’ inspired by Sia. Using an introducer device similar to Zacharle on “Monster Mash” (“I was working in the lab late one night….”), the duo take a long walk down a Brooklyn street and stumble upon a bunch of party monsters at the end of October:

I went to the monster party
And danced until we fell
The group of monsters was jumping
The music never stopped
It was an unforgettable evening
Party monsters, you rock!

“Party Monsters” by Suzi Shelton and Fyutch
The tune comes from Suzi’s online songwriting class, where Fyütch and her daughter Aura were invited and contributed elements of spoken word. On Wednesday, October 27 at 4 p.m. ET, Suzi is hosting a Halloween special on Facebook and YouTube where she and Fyütch will perform “Party Monsters”. Guests will understand Esther Raven and his seven-year-old son Vincent plus ten-year-old creator and Instagram sensation CreatorGigi.

Lucy Hiku and Jenny Payne, otherwise known as New Zealand Itty Bitty Beats, also dropped “Halloween Dream,” a vision of when the creepy meets the idiot. The jazz-centric air imagines cats wearing party hats, witches riding ostriches, ghouls wearing costume jewelry, and bats dancing with cats. Looks like someone started eating their stuff or processing candy a bit early I have to say.

Itty Bitty Beats “Halloween Dream”

Since forming in 2014, award-winning Christchurch children’s music duo Itty Bitty Beats have celebrated four consecutive years of being nominated for the New Zealand Children’s Music Awards, winning once for Best Children’s Song and Best Album for children. Jenny’s husband, Rob Payne, produces all of their music. The Beats have released tracks that reach emotional highs (Christmas in July) and lows (Baby loss awareness).

Listen to Itty Bitty Beats’ song, “Halloween Dream” on Spotify and Amazon.

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