9 Songs Released In 2022 That Prove Canto-Pop Still Has An “Edge”

A guest at a singing competition in mainland China recently angered Canto-pop fans by saying Hong Kong’s music scene no longer has “the edge it had in the past” – a commentary echoed by two singers on the show – though none of them could name a recent canto-pop song. Well, we can name many. Here are nine Canto-pop songs released in the first half of 2022 alone that prove Hong Kong’s music scene is still very much alive and thriving.

“Caution Wet Floor” by MC Cheung

After winning numerous newcomer awards last year with his R&B hits and ballads, MC Cheung came back strong in 2022 with “Caution Wet Floor.” The rock hit – composed by Terry Chui and with lyrics by Wyman Wong – showcases Cheung’s vocal range and questions the ills of society.

“Dinner in Bed” door Gareth.T

“Dinner in Bed” is the English version of Gareth.T’s 2021 Cantonese hit, which roughly translates to “Super Romantic, Mega Warm.” Dropped on Valentine’s Day, the soulful, romantic song – composed by Gareth.T himself and regular collaborator Teddy Fan – is aptly named. Don’t forget to watch the MV.

“Big Bubble Butt Boobs” by Joyce Cheng

Joyce Cheng shows off her singing and dancing skills again in this groovy hit. Composed by J. Arie and with lyrics by Wyman Wong, the song addresses body image issues.

“Kiss Yourself” by Panther Chan

Singer-songwriter Panther Chan wrote this uplifting song to encourage and remind people that they are not alone in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We especially love the official lyric video, in which Chan walks around and takes photos of Ap Lei Chau.

“Innerspace” by Mirror

Mirror returns with their first group song of the year, “Innerspace,” which showcases their chemistry with intricate Rock Fang choreography. Composed by Jeremy G (Future Sound), Lee Joohyong (MonoTree) and Jhen F (Future Sound) and with lyrics by Siu Hak, the dance hit invites listeners to enter and introspect their inner space and the mysteries of the body..

Doodoodoo by Terence Lam

A collaboration between singer-songwriter Terence Lam and his Taiwanese counterpart Crowd Lu, the song encourages listeners to enjoy what they see in their daily lives while humming the titular jingle. If you’re animal lovers like us, we think you’ll enjoy the MV.

“No Place to Call Home” by Yoyo Sham

Roughly translated as “No Place to Call Home”, this tune – composed by Eman Lam and with lyrics by Chow Yiu-fai – features the beautiful voice and soulful singing of Yoyo Sham. Always commuting between different places, Sham explores the subject of what home means to her.

“Glacier” by Vincy Chan

Composed by Vicky Fung, the song features Vincy Chan’s vocal techniques. The poetic lyrics of Chow Yiu-fai’s song about glaciers and humans go well with the beautiful voice of the Hong Kong-Singaporean singer.

“Wanna Be Like You” by ROOT feat. 9m88

“Wanna Be Like You” is like a match made in heaven. Composed by ROOT with lyrics by its lead singer Jan Curious and Taiwanese jazz musician 9m88, the song features the two groups’ soulful vocals in Cantonese and Mandarin, and a catchy arrangement by the indie band.

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Grace D. Erickson