10 Best Japanese Songs of February 2022 You Need in Your Playlists

We’re only at the end of February and it’s already getting harder and harder to pick just 10 titles to feature in these articles. New faces and longtime titans of the industry have released inventive new additions to their discographies.

Some have taken their existing sound to new heights, others have blended many genres to create truly unique tracks.

We’ve been amazed at the amount of top-class new music Japan has delivered over the past month, so here’s our pick of the top 10 Japanese songs of February 2022.

4s4ki- To punish

Alongside the release of their latest EP Here or in hell, 4s4ki fall To punisha collaborative track with an up-and-coming track creator gu^2. The track showcases the true mayhem of 4s4ki as it moves from cold, low voltage trap sounds to an experimental super pop fusion of drums and bass.

Paired with a low-tech ’90s-style music video, this track is one of the year’s top hyper-pop releases.

4s4ki new EP Here or Hell

Here or in hell

Release date: 02/16/2022
Label: Victor Entertainment
To reach: Spotify

10 Hottest Japanese Tracks of February 2022 WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA Edison


At the end of the February pop dance unit WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLE released his 2-track single Maneki Neko / Edison.

It is undeniable that Maneki Neko is a good dance pop bop, but Edison steals the show with an infectious bass beat and nostalgic synth melodies provided by the band’s producer Hidefumi.

Paired with Utaha’s innocent, carefree vocals on the chorus and smooth rapping on the verses, Edison is one of the best dance tracks of the month.


Maneki Neko / Edion

Release date: 02/25/2022
To reach: Spotify

10 Hottest Japanese Tracks of February 2022 Mori Zentaro Daichi Yamamoto Muddy Water NEW

Mori Zentaro and Daichi Yamamoto – muddy water

soulflex beat maker/producer Mori Zentaro released their first single this month featuring Kyoto-born rapper Daichi Yamamoto.

The production of harsh, groovy beats and the flow of smooth rap runs through the entire muddy waterwhich makes it a real track bouncer.

Mori Zentaro Muddy Water Single Cover

Mori Zentaro
Muddy water feat. Daichi Yamamoto

Release date: 09/02/2022
Label: Suppage Records
To reach: Spotify

10 Hottest Japanese Tracks Of February 2022 Lucky Kilimanjaro Endless Dance

Lucky Kilimanjaro – endless dance

Lucky Kilimanjaro hit us with their first single of 2022 and it’s exactly what you’ve come to expect from Tokyo’s 6-piece at this point – club-ready house perfection.

Their 3rd full album DIFFICULT GAME set to drop in March and will also include their huge 2021 dance tunes Dance cue and paradise.

Lucky Kilimanjaro Endless Dance

Lucky Kilimanjaro
endless dance

Release date: 02/23/2022
To reach: Spotify

10 Hottest Japanese Tracks Of February 2022 MONDO GROSSO STRANGER


Released ahead of her highly anticipated new album BIG WORLD, MONDO GROSSOaka Shinichi Osawa, threw us a curve ball with his February single FOREIGNER.

Best known for his almost legendary electro house, pop and dance tracks, FOREIGNER is a shoegaze-inspired rock track with ambient synths and shimmering guitars, plus smooth vocals provided by Asuka Saito of Nogizaka46.


Release date: 09/02/2022
Label: ASAB
To reach: CD Japan | Spotify

10 Hottest Japanese Tracks Of February 2022 SiM The Rumbling Single

SiM– The rumble

You knew this one was coming. By far the most talked about release in Japan last month, The rumble stomped all over the rock charts around the world.

A genre-blending track that incorporates thundering metal, dramatic orchestral strings, soaring rock choirs and a dash of SiM patent reggae for good measure.

Used as the opener to the final season of Attack on Titan, we still get chills every time this track hits our TV speakers.

SiM The Rumbling Single Blanket

The rumble

Release date: 02/07/2022
To reach: Spotify | CDJapan (limited vinyl release)

[Alexandros] – rock the world

[Alexandros] are known for their inspiring rock tunes and tremendous technical work, and the same can be said for their first release in 2022 rock the world.

Used as the theme for the animated fantasy adventure film Goodbye, DonGlees! which hit Japanese cinemas on February 18, rock the world is the latest uplifting rock track that blew us away with its insanely fast guitar melodies that have already become an audience favorite at the band’s recent live events.

Cover of Alexandros Rock The World

rock the world / Hibi, Ori

Release date: 02/16/2022
To reach: Spotify | CD Japan

10 Hottest Japanese Tracks of February 2022 THE SPELLBOUND MUSIC


THE ENVIRONMENT graced us with their long-awaited self-titled debut album this month. An LP filled with rock infused with electronics reminiscent of the work of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES from 2006-2016.

THE MUSICthe album’s final single, is an uplifting electro-rock track filled with groovy guitars, funky bass lines, fast synths and powerful drum beats.

THE SPELLBOUND cover of the 1st album


Release date: 02/23/2022
Label: Nakano Music
To reach: Spotify | CD Japan

10 Hottest Japanese Tracks of February 2022 Paledusk Slay!!

Paledusk- TEAR DOWN!! feat. Hideyoshi

With rapper Hideyoshi, TEAR DOWN!! East from Paledusk the most ambitious metalcore thrasher they’ve released to date.

An amalgamation of energetic technical melodies, breathless metalcore riffs, jazzy saxophones and fluid rap, TEAR DOWN!! is a chaotic combination that made for one of the most creative genre-blending bangers we’ve heard in a long time.

Paledusk Slay Single Cover

TEAR DOWN!! feat. Hideyoshi

Release date: 02/16/2022
Label: Recordings in grayscale
To reach: Spotify

10 Hottest Japanese Headlines of February 2022 End Roll Knitting

knitting – end roll

Used as the opening track for the new J-drama liar, knitting used their technical musicality on end roll to sum up the show’s theme of forbidden one-sided love and the complex feelings that come with it.

It’s a hard-hitting, fast-paced rock jam with fluctuating drum velocities and erratic distorted guitars with a little extra pizzazz that not only fits the theme, but also makes the track a standout moment in their discography.

INTERVIEW: Tricot returns with their spiciest single yet ‘End roll’

knitting end roll (エンドロールに間に合うように) new single

End Scroll (エンドロールに間に合うように)

Release date: 02/16/2022
Label: 8902 records
To reach: Spotify

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